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About Omniverse?

NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform that allows multiple users to share and simultaneously edit 3D modeling results without time and space constraints.
Every work on 3D models is mirrored on Omniverse in real-time; Omniverse plays an excellent role in collaboration and communication by minimizing conflicts among users editing at the same time.
Omniverse is an optimized solution for extending 3D workflows, such as 3D content and digital twin implementation, to the world of metaverse.

Integration of MEDIP Pro and Omniverse


MEDIP Pro supports converting the medical image-based digital twin to USD format, uploading a USD file to the Omniverse server, and opening the USD file already existing on the Omniverse server to load and render the meshes in 3D. In addition, users can import the results edited via other Omniverse applications into MEDIP Pro to edit, design, and re-upload them.

When you create or access a LIVE session, you can share your work files in real-time with other Omniverse applications or other users accessing the same file.

MEDIP Nvidia

· Sharing Digital Twin
You can share medical image-based 3D modeling data through the Omniverse server and apply better visual effects by executing RTX rendering and Omniverse Physics.

· Surgical Simulation
You can process 3D models using the mesh editing function and implement virtual surgical simulations in an immersive VR environment based on 3D models.

· Expansion of Medical Data
Using medical images, such as CT and MRI, you can experience the entire process from AI segmentation to 3D modeling, AR/VR, 3D printing, and engineering analysis.


Share the digital twins in USD (Universal Scene Description) file format, and experience RTX (Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme) rendering. Pre-processed materials can be applied by using the preset function to render with high realism. Users can also download Omniverse materials and apply them after customizing.


MEDICAL IP's AI-Powered Medical Image 3D
Reconstruction S/W, MEDIP Pro meets NVIDIA's
OMNIVERSE Platform & CLOUDXR to build Medical
Metaverse Contents & Digital Twin Pipeline.
This is the most powerful platform for building
your own Medical Metaverse.