Release Note
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This page contains official release information and change details for MEDIP PRO. If you have any suggestions for improvement or change, please report it through CONTACT US.
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    - Create public installer for free version (Lite version)

    - Create Lite version advertisement window

    - Visual printing 1.3 Upgrade

    - Changed to Visual Printing plug-in

    - Reflection of improved user interface

    - Fixed UI function error

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    - migrated servers to AWS Cloud

    - updated program manual file

    - Fixed error about 'Apply Preset Color'

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    - Porting the NVIDIA OMNIVERSE environment

    - Added information to MRI DICOM header

    - Added automatic name setting function to filemanager after ROI export

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    - Added 3D Interpolation function

    - DICOM file anonymization of patient privacy

    - Added Mask Brush Transparency

    - Used the raw ROI file name in the Layer name when importing the raw ROI file

    - Automatic copy of AI mask after AI Predict

    - Added Visual Print Directional Shortcut Feature

    - Deleting a 3D Export Tab

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    - Applied 2D Segmentation Brush Transparency

    - Added Threshold Mode Screen Display (Within Brush, Within Selected Layer, Show Preview)

    - Added Mesh 2D Outline function

    - Enhanced the File Manager security

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    - System stabilization and user interface improvements in File Manager

    - Added jpg2000 compression format support

    - Improved PACS Upload/Download interface

    - Added DICOM series preview function

    - Added the function to preview patient list and check DICOM tag information

    - Added the function to save screen size and location

    - Added the function to load after selecting multiple files

    - Resource application by product type

    - Multi-language support

    - Added AI Credit status(Normal, Rejected, Unlimited, Limited)

    - Added nnU-Net type "CT_COVID19_3DNN" AI Predict

    - Added MeshToMask function

    - Added MeshCut Dialog

    - Added Undo/Redo function for User Interface

    - Improved to rotate the mesh model based on the origin when Shift + Rotate

    - Added volume data capacity (%) comparison function

    - Improved DICOM format compatibility

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    - Enhanced security level for file export

    - Added filter function and continuous function

    - Improved AI functions and performance

    - Added keyboard shortcuts about Dilation, Erosion option

    - Added distance measurement function about volume in Measurement tab

    - Improved drawcut function for single slice DICOM file

    - Fixed the report image(axial, sagittal, coronal) to be in the selected stat

    - Added Boolean functions

    - Added Brush Sculpt functions (Move, Drag, Refine)

    - Added 3mf format

    - Added Global edit functions(Attach, Duplicate, Island-Filter)

    - Added Manipulator function

    - Added Selection delete/smooth/reduce function

    - Improved mesh rendering quality and performance

    - Improved Smooth, Inflate, Deflate, Reduce performance

    - Reduced STL loading time by applying parallel processing

    - Improved undo/redo performance

    - Improved most of mesh functions performance

    - Added file management function

    - Added import/export functions

    - Added DICOM list management function for each patient

    - Added PACS Upload/Download function

    - Added PET-CT image analysis/overlay function

    - Added Radiomics PET SUV region calculation function

    - Improved Radiomics calculation performance

    - Applied Visual Print offline license

    - Added visual printing server url setting option

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    - Added notice function and user interface

    - MEDIP AI function renewal

    - Crop function renewal: rotation function added

    - Modified the brush shape of the Segmentation tab

    - 3D Volume Opacity, Region Growing Connectivity, Draw Cut Shape settings added

    - Sculpt/Deflate function added: Sculpt Dlg -> Inflate/Deflate button click -> Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Left click

    - Added GMM function

    - Added Mesh model transparency adjustment function

    - Added several AI functions (Mask Heatmap, Layer component choice)

    - Applied CUDA 11 Library

    - Added Radiomics Bounding Viewer function and Working Region function

    - QT Framework 5.9.9 support

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    - Optimized network timeout

    - Added function that Delete log files when the size exceeds the limit

    - Stabilized FTP connection and function

    - Added the volume mask mouse selection function

    - Added volume mask selection point function

    - Improved usability of shortcut keys

    - Added Image calculate function

    - Added SubDivision, Hole filling(possible for user selection), Hollow function(Positive direction) functions

    - Added DMesh Dialog (Solid / Redmesh/ Hole-fill)

    - Improved wireframe visibility

    - Added sculpt ball transparency function

    - Improved mesh list Translate, rotate, scale value change function

    - Added Mesh Editing shortcut keys

    - Added segmentation angle split function

    - Added the function that convert to the corresponding mask when click a specific point on the 3D screen

    - Added the function that indicate in the 2D image when click a specific point on the 3D screen

    - Enhanced 2D view visualization

    - Added mask split region function

    - Applied undo/redo in the several functions

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    - Updated the offline license

    - Improved erosion function

    - Adjusted volume mask transparency scale

    - Added Brush Sculpt(Reduction/Smooth/Inflate) function

    - Improved remesh, reduction, mesh-cut, plane-cut

    - Added the function that display corresponding mesh view when select mesh list in visual print

    - Improved undo/redo usability

    - Improved DICOM format compatibility

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    - Added JSON export function (Add Program language)

    - Added Measurement Module

    - Improved Radiomics Functions

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    - Improved DICOM format compatibility

    - Enhanced the System stability

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    - Applied undo/redo function in visual print operation

    - Added the network time out check function

    - Improved DICOM format compatibility

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    - Improved DICOM format compatibility

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    - Added VR Mode

    - Added Mesh Function

    - Added Visual Printing Function

    - Improved Texture Analysis

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    - First official release