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Make medical care more accurate
and understandable

Here at MEDICAL IP we are leading the future of healthcare with innovative technologies.
We are developing various medical imaging analysis technology based on AI and 3D technologies (3D printing, CAD/CAM, AR/VR) to reduce the time and cost of medical workload as well as the pain of patients. We are creating a future that will enable a better medical experience and service.

Technology that saves lives and helps with medical care is paramount.
We continuously research and develop new and innovative technologies that the medical field and world want.
We focus all of our abilities to develop accurate and precise technologies and products that medical staff and patients can trust.
We welcome and respect all opinions. We value the mutual growth of customers and employees.
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Empowering Medicine, Saving Lives


Research technology
that leads innovation
Solve problems that arise
in medical field
Develop medical solutions
that save lives



  • ’DeepCatch’ FDA 510(k) Clearance (Class Ⅱ)
  • Selected as Gartner ‘Hype Cycle’ Sample Vendor (6 consecutive years)
  • Signs Letter Of Support With AWS(Amazon Web Service)
  • MEDIP Pro connected to the NVIDIA Omniverse platform
  • ‘TiSepX Lung Volumetry’ MFDS Approval (Class Ⅱ)


Professor Park Chul-Kee M.D., Ph.D
Park Chul-Kee M.D., Ph.D
Seoul National University Hospital
Medical IP has various driving forces to visually implement the blueprint of the future medical field. Although there have been many difficulties, we have successfully established a clinical application platform for a patient-specific 3D brain disease model in the neurosurgery field and are in the standardization stage. Now, based on this track record, they are expanding into the AR/VR field. The ongoing process of developing a brain tumor diagnosis system based on AI technology brings me great joy and anticipation about the future that the result will bring to the medical field.
Professor Choi Hyung Jin M.D., Ph.D
Choi Hyung Jin M.D., Ph.D
Seoul National University
Using Medical IP’s 3D imaging and printing technology, our university has been developing 3D digital human anatomy educational contents for medical students. During this process, we had opportunities to compare different technologies from different companies. Among many companies, MEDICAL IP’s product line provided the most effective solution for us. The reason for this was because MEDICAL IP shared our educational vision by innovating existing software and hardware with the most agility and flexibility. As a result, we were able to provide students with the most innovative medical education programs using 3D imaging and printing. This brought a paradigm shift in anatomy education. With MEDICAL IP, we will continue to build strong cases for the educational effectiveness of these 3D digital educational contents.
Professor Byun Suk Soo M.D., Ph.D
Byun Suk Soo M.D., Ph.D
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Robotic partial nephrectomy for removal of kidney cancer performed along with MEDICAL IP’s 3D kidney surgical simulator was full of wonders for me. The simulators were similar not only in shape but also in texture and material to the real human organ and this let patients who witnessed their patient-specific 3D kidney models get a better understanding of their tumor. With the excellent 3D kidney surgical simulators provided by MEDICAL IP, we confirmed the successful clinical results and were able to publish these results. I am happy and grateful now that MEDICAL IP is making contributions for patients suffering from kidney cancer. I wish to continue this enjoyable journey with this company.


MEDICALIP location
Office : 9F, Yeonkang Building, 15, Jong-ro 33-gil,
Laboratory : 806~809, SNUCRI, 101 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


MEDICALIP location
3003 N First Start, San Jose, CA 95134, United States


MEDICALIP location
1008, Huixin IBC, 1, Zhangbayi Road, Xi an, CHINA


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