HEALTHCAREwith immersive High-throughput Knowledge through
MEDICAL IP leads the AI-powered segmentation technologies
Enabling high-throughput materialization and dematerialization toward beyond diagnosis
medical imaging technology
MEDICAL IP’s advanced imaging and visualization technology was developed through many years of firsthand collaboration with medical professionals in various fields such as radiology, surgery, and pathology.
3D printing technology
MEDICAL IP provides high-quality 3D printed products utilizing MEDIP’s unique 3D medical data output system and virtual reality system.
XR technology
Comprehensive technology for visualizing medical image both in real and augmented world.
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박철기 교수
Dr. Chul-Kee Park, MD, PhDSeoul National University Hospital
...MedicalIP has a variety of dynamics to give shapes to the blueprint of the future medical atmosphere...
최형진 교수
Dr. Hyung-Jin Choi, MD, PhDSeoul National University
...For students in our medical school, we have been developing a novel and pioneering 3D ...
변석수 교수
Dr. Seok-Soo Byun, MD, PhDSeoul National University Bundang Hospital
...My robotic partial kidney removal for complex kidney cancer has been much improved wit...
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