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Preparing for a new era of medicine
through medical AI technology and Digital Twin

As a pioneering company at the forefront of healthcare innovation, MEDICALIP presents FDA-cleared solutions that integrate Whole-Body Composition Analysis and leverage Advanced Medical Education by Digital Twin with a remarkable blend of cutting-edge technologies.
Our mission is clear to maintain a High Quality of Life, ensure Longevity, and enhance the well-being of individuals through our Patient-Centric AI designed for a longer and healthier lifespan.


Accurate and flawless
medical image segmentation · analysis

Our technology detects body components including but not limited to lesions from medical images using AI technology and extract quantitative data such as volume and area using our accurate and precise segmentation analysis. This is core technology that sets the basis for the realization of precision medicine by enabling the prediction of the possibility of disease occurrence and monitoring of the patient progress.

Realization of digital twin and expansion into the metaverse

Based on medical images, we give shape to anatomical digital twin extending our product line to include products for surgical simulation, training, education, as well as patient consultation and diagnosis. Our digital twin expands to the metaverse, a 3D virtual world, enabling medical services and medical education without constraints in time and space.


Software & Service


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What Our
Partners Say…

박철기 교수 이미지

Dr. Chul-Kee Park, MD, PhD
Seoul National University

MEDICAL IP has a variety of dynamics to give shapes to the blueprint of the future medical atmosphere. Although there have been many hurdles, we are in the standardization stage by successfully establishing a clinical application platform for patient-specific 3D brain disease models in the neurosurgery field, and we are now expanding into the area of AR/VR based on that experience. In addition, the ongoing process of developing an AI-based brain tumor diagnosis system is not only enjoyable, but when I imagine the future that the results will bring, I am happy with great expectations.

최형진 교수 이미지

Dr. Hyung-Jin Choi, MD, PhD
Seoul National University

For students in our medical school, we have been developing a novel and pioneering 3D digital anatomy education contents using 3D image and 3D printing for several years. We had the privilege of comparing the technical solutions for many companies. By far, the MEDICAL IP products were the most effective solutions to our pioneering education contents development, since the MEDICAL IP also shared our vision of innovating the current software and hardware technology quickly and flexibly. We have successfully provided the most innovative medical education program with 3D image and 3D printing to our medical students. Currently we will develop a new paradigm of anatomy education through 3D image and 3D printing technologies. We will also provide hard evidences regarding educational efficacy using this 3D digital education contents.

변석수 교수 이미지

Dr. Seok-Soo Byun, MD, PhD
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

My robotic partial kidney removal for complex kidney cancer has been much improved with the use ofMEDICAL IP's 3D kidney model. Patients who were exposed to 3D kidney models with similar texture of human kidney were all amazed and had a better understanding of their tumor condition. MEDICAL IP provided excellent 3D kidney models, and it has recently been published as a paper after confirming the successful clinical results by reducing the operation time. We are grateful that MEDICAL IP is providing further value in the surgery of patients with kidney cancer, and we enjoy our journey with this company.


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