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All-in-one Medical Imaging
Solution for Analysis,
3D Modeling and Digital Twin

MEDIP Pro is a comprehensive medical image processing software that implements digital twins through image analysis, 3D implementation, modeling, and design with AI segmentation technology at its core. Various file formats, such as DICOM, OBJ, STL, 3MF, VTK, and etc., are supported, and all files can be saved with the unique file extension of MEDIP(.mip), so you can optimize work process for your specialized Medical Image Processing needs.

Digital Twin(AI)

MEDIP Pro is equipped with fast and accurate one-click segmentation function
and can automatically segment and extract all body components,
including the patient's organ lesions, from CT and MR images.

MEDIP image

AI segmentation

The AI segmentation function automatically segments dozens of organs and lesions with a single click.
MEDIP image

AI segmentation

The AI segmentation function automatically segments dozens of organs and lesions with a single click.
MEDIP image


The image segmented by Drawcut and AI segmentation is designed with MEDIP’s CAD/CAM function to be used in building digital twin and metaverse.

• Convert 2D medical image such as CT and MRI into 3D model

• Segmentation function that separates organs and tissues from 3D model

• Automated organ segmentation function with a single click through AI deep learning technology

• Can be connected with VR·AR·3D printing solutions

MEDIP Drawcut.
MEDIP Drawcut.

Drawcut is a semi-automated 3D segmentation tool based on two criteria. Foreseed(blue) region refers to the area to be extracted and Backseed(red) refers to the area to be exempted from the extraction. By using the semi-automatic function, a large amount of training data can be extracted in only seconds with precision.


MEDIP Visualization
MEDIP Visualization
MEDIP Visualization
Advanced Volume Rendering

· Mask, HU, Mix mode(intersection)

· Dicom data, which is a 3D scalar, is sampled, converted into voxel data, and realistically expressed by adding a three-dimensional effect. It provides visual convenience to users as it can be expressed as union and intersection with segmented data


2 Axis Coordinating
  • In each view, you can rotate the plane and its axes by holding and
    moving the crosshairs and crosshairs with the left mouse button
  • MEDIP measurement axial
    Axial Plane
    MEDIP measurement coronal
    Coronal Plane
    MEDIP measurement sagittal
    Sagittal Plane
    MEDIP Annotation
    Annotation Text
  • You can enter text in the Text Dialog box and specify the font size and color
    MEDIP Annotation
    Annotation Length
  • Taking two points creates a line, which represents the actual distance in mm of the medical image
    MEDIP Annotation
    Annotation Angle
  • You can get the angle of the part you want by taking 3 dots
    Path Animation
  • A function to move the view according to the specified path
    MEDIP path animation
    MEDIP path animation
    VR Experience
    Instant VR Experience
    Equipped with proper VR headset and
    controllers, MEDIP Pro provides instant
    VR experience. The VR session enables
    the user to intuitively and realistically view and navigate the inside of a patient’s body.
    Free ver.

    • Try MEDIP Lite, which handles medical images of real patients, for free!

    medip video

    MEDIP Pro is an all-inclusive medical solution optimized
    for various types of medical image analysis and implementation of digital twin.
    By improving image quality and quantifying image data,
    MEDIP Pro realizes digital twin-based 3D printing and medical metaverse.

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