MEDICAL IP, Selected as Gartner's Sample Vendor for 6 Consecutive Years

▶ The only Asian company listed as a Gartner Hype Cycle Sample Vendor for ‘6 consecutive years’… Solidifying Global Competitiveness in the Medical AI Field

▶ Continue to expand and advance technology to 3D printing, VR/AR, etc. by utilizing medical image-based 3D implementation and AI analysis technology

MEDICAL IP announced that it was selected as a sample vendor for six consecutive years in <Hype Cycle for Digital Care Delivery Including Virtual Care, 2023> published by Gartner, a global IT research company.

Gartner's Hype Cycle represents the maturity of technology, from the triggering and adoption of cutting-edge technologies to the diffusion of understanding and stabilization of production. Gartner publishes Hype Cycle Reports in various industry areas every year to forecast future key technologies.


‘Digital Care Delivery Including Virtual Care’ is a hype cycle that identifies and tracks digital innovations and market solutions for optimizing and transforming the way in which healthcare providers deliver clinical care.


An official from MEDICAL IP said, “We received a comment from a Gartner official that MEDICAL IP is the only Asian company that has been selected as a Sample Vendor for six consecutive years. Based on technology that expands human body information into precise 3D models through medical image-based digital twin implementation S/W MEDIP PRO, which has obtained FDA and CE certification and is also installed in NVIDIA's Omniverse, the company is steadily standing shoulder to shoulder with global companies.”


The Anatomical 3D Printing industry, for which MEDICAL IP was selected as the Sample Vendor, produces customized anatomical models based on patient's medical images such as CT or MRI and uses them for treatment, consulting, surgical planning, medical education and training, surgical implants, etc.


According to the report, it is expected to grow rapidly due to the growing demand for personalized healthcare services. In addition, as the use of 3D printing models for surgical planning received CPT Category III approval from the AMA, the foundation for its introduction to the medical field was laid.

In particular, MEDICAL IP's 3D modeling technology not only implements medical images such as CT and MRI in 3D, but also has high accuracy and clinical usefulness as AI precisely divides each organ area and converts it into a digital twin. MEDICAL IP is expanding the digital twin created in this way to 3D printing as well as AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and metaverse, and is grafting it to medical technology.


Regarding this, MEDICAL IP CEO Park Sang-joon said, “As mentioned in the Hype Cycle Report, as the demand for personalized medical services increases, the importance and value of medical images containing the most accurate human body information will increase. We will continue to advance MEDIP PRO, which enables 3D implementation of medical images and AI-based segmentation and quantitative analysis, and establish ourselves as a global company in the medical AI and 3D field.”


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