MEDICAL IP To Participate ‘Annual Meeting of the Korean Association of Anatomists

MEDICAL IP To Participate ‘Annual Meeting of the Korean Association of Anatomists … In Discussion of Advancement in Metaverse Solutions

▶MEDICAL IP-Korean Association of Anatomists signed an MOU with the goal of developing digital anatomy last June

▶Replace Cadaver with ‘digital twin’ based on medical images… Leading Paradigm Change in Anatomy Education

MEDICAL IP participated in <The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Korean Association of Anatomists> held from October 19th to 21st at EXCO, Daegu.

In June, MEDICAL IP signed an MOU with the Korean Association of Anatomist and agreed to exchange information and start joint research for the development of digital anatomy, digital anatomy education, and creation of medical IT ecosystem.

During this conference, MEDICAL IP’s innovative technology such as ▲digital twin implementation of anatomical structures ▲Metaverse platform for medical education, etc. attracted attention as they were expected to lead paradigm shift in the field of anatomical education.

A seminar was also organized by MEDICAL IP to give presentations on the topics of ▲Structures and Contents of MDBOX’s anatomical structures ▲Case presentation of MDBOX being used for medical students’ visualization training ▲Student Experience in Anatomy Education using MDBOX.

Hyewon Jeong, a student at Jeju National University College of Medicine, shared her experience with MDBOX during the seminar. She said, “MDBOX gave us an impressive educational experience exceeding all the limitations that textbooks, video materials, cadavers, and 3D applications had. “We were able to experience the real value of metaverse technology in medical education, especially when using the simulation function. It lets us observe movement of anatomical structures and lets a team of students participate in training together at the same time.

While cadaveric dissection is still important in helping medical students understand the three-dimensional relationship of different anatomical structures and appreciating anatomical variations, there still are issues to be solved, such as inefficiency or shortage of cadavers as well as financial and ethical problems.

The Korean Association of Anatomist was also actively seeking ways to overcome these problems. In pursuit of this effort, MEDICAL IP introduced its platform 'MDBOX' which implements the digital twin with anatomical structures in the metaverse, drawing attention in the field of anatomical education as an innovative solution.


Sang Joon Park, president and CEO of MEDICAL IP, said, “Through this event, we were able to identify the unmet needs that arose from limitations in current anatomical education. Furthermore, we were able to find opportunities to reinforce anatomical education by integration with metaverse technology.” “Medical IP will continue to further the development and advances in its MDBOX to lead innovation in anatomical education and in the field of medicine.


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