MEDICAL IP to Participate in the 'AOCR & KCR 2022'

MEDICAL IP will participate in the AOCR 2022, the 20th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology, and the KCR 2022, the 78th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Radiology, in Seoul (Korea) from September 20 to September 24, 2022.

This year, KCR and AOCR is being jointly held for the first time in 14 years since year 2008 and it is expected to receive over 4,000 domestic and foreign radiology scholars from more than 40 countries. MEDICAL IP aims to maximize this opportunity to increase its market penetration in the global market by participating in this year’s event.

MEDICAL IP is attracting visitors with its various medical solutions that reinvent medical image data with its know-how in AI, digital twin, and metaverse.

MEDICAL IP’s most recent product lineup was unveiled in this year’s event beginning with ▲ 'MEDIP PRO', an AI-based medical image segmentation and digital twin implementation software with FDA, KFDA, and CE approval, ▲ ‘DEEPCATCH’ a CT-based and AI-powered automatic body composition analysis software ▲ ‘TiSepX’, an X-ray based 3D analysis and quantification platform, and ▲ ‘MDBOX’, a digital twin-based medical metaverse solution.

MEDICAL IP's technology builds a digital twin with data received from patients’ medical image and expands this to its various VA/AR and metaverse solutions to be used for medical education, medical hands-on training, and surgical navigation just to name a few. These solutions expand applications of medical image to more services in healthcare.