MEDICAL IP, ‘NVIDIA Inception’ Premier Partnership Agreement

▶ Selected as a Premier member of NVIDIA Inception which support top startups in fields such as AI, data science, and omnibus

▶ Will Accelerate technology development through technical support, training, collaboration network, and more based on NVIDIA's latest GPU technology

MEDICAL IP (CEO Sang-Joon Park), a digital twin based medical AI solution company, announced on the 29th that it was selected as the premiere member for the NVIDIA Inception program.


'NVIDIA Inception' is a global startup support program established with the purpose of nurturing industry-leading startups that lead innovation in fields such as AI, data science, and Omniverse, and provides expertise, technology, and cooperative network for growth throughout the company's life cycle.


Recently, MEDICAL IP was selected as a premier member of NVIDIA Inception based on its differentiated technology and global competitiveness to implement various anatomical structures as digital twins based on AI technology in the medical metaverse field and utilize human body information on the metaverse. This is the first premier case in medical metaverse industry.


In particular, 'NVIDIA Omniverse', a multi-GPU extended computing platform for real-time 3D collaboration, is expected to greatly contribute to improve development and level of completion of medical metaverse technology which MEDICAL IP is developing. The company official explained that development efficiency can be maximized by using Nvidia’s Omnibus servers and platforms in the process of data division, processing and management.


A company official said, “With the the support from the NVIDIA Inception program, including CloudXR's multi-user interaction support and dedicated staffing, we are accelerating technology development. It will enable more efficient product deployment and continuous updates.”


In June, MEDICAL IP already participated in NVIDIA Pitching Day and shared AI medical image segmentation and medical metaverse technology that allows each patient's digital twin and physical twin to be utilized in the metaverse space. It has laid the foundation for cooperation with NVIDIA.


The selection of the premiere partner is expected to serve as an opportunity for the Metaverse technology developed by MEDICAL IP to quickly settle in the market in various medical fields such as surgical simulation and anatomy education.


Sang-Joon Park, CEO of MEDICAL IP, said, “As NVIDIA is leading the global metaverse industry, we will advance digital twin and metaverse implementation technologies through our Premier Partnership, and at the same time develop technologies that can meet the needs of the global market through close cooperation with NVIDIA.”


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