MEDICAL IP-Korean Association of Anatomists signed an MOU for the development of metaverse medicine based on ‘digital twin’

▶ Collaborative research for the development of digital anatomy, promotion of metaverse education research group, etc.

▶ “Achieve the development of the medical and medical industry using digital twins”

MEDICAL IP signed an MOU with the Korean Association of Anatomists with the goal of developing the medicine and medical industries using digital twins.

This MOU was promoted to introduce the technology for digital twin implementation of anatomical structures possessed by MEDICAL IP to all related industries such as anatomical research and education.

Through the agreement, the two institutions plan to cooperatively promote ▲the interchange of the information and joint research for the development of digital anatomy ▲educational project utilizing digital anatomy ▲ the creation of a medical IT ecosystem.

The Korean Association of Anatomists said, “digitalizing internal structures, such as bones, muscles, and organs, of the human body based on medical images as well as using them in the metaverse, a three-dimensional virtual world, are new approaches that can change the paradigm for anatomical research and education."

MEDICAL IP has developed VR contents that enables hands-on training as experiencing over 3,000 anatomical structures on the metaverse through a medical images-based digital twin. It has recently been introduced to many medical schools and is spotlighted as a solution for solving economic, ethical, procedural, and managerial problems caused by using Cadaver.

MEDICAL IP's CEO, Sang-Joon Park, said: “the Korean Association of Anatomists, since its establishment in 1947, has led the history of domestic anatomy and has established itself as a representative society of basic medicine. We will apply the digital anatomy utilizing solution to accelerate the advancement of medicine.”


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