MEDICAL IP-L&K Biomed, MOU signed

▶ Development of spine surgery solution that meets government policy of ‘K-Bio’ based on digital healthcare and big data

▶Utilizing AI and Metaverse to develop an optimal spinal surgery solution

MEDICAL IP signed an MOU with L&K Biomed, a company specializing in spinal implants, to develop an optimal spinal surgery solution using AI and Metaverse.

Through this agreement, the two institutions will promote ▲development of optimal spinal surgery solution using digital twins ▲development of spine surgery education program using Metaverse.

L&K Biomed provides AI digital twin medical services for disease prevention and treatment to patients by introducing MEDICAL IP's AI body composition analysis solution, DeepCatch, and a medical metaverse solution that combines AR, VR, and XR technologies.

The goal is to help patients return to daily life quickly and reduce the costs for maintaining healthy condition after surgery.

In addition, providing skill improvement training, such as 3D spine surgery simulation and pre-operative simulation using metaverse, and an AR convergence surgery navigation platform will help strengthen the capabilities of medical staff and solve the problem of medical personnel shortage.

AI and Metaverse solutions for spine surgery will be also used as an educational program for medical staff who lack medical experience in developing and underdeveloped countries.

In this regard, Sang-joon Park, CEO of MEDICAL IP, said: “The medical solution owned by MEDICAL IP can be used in the entire medical cycle, including patient care, disease prediction and prevention, treatment and surgery, and prognosis monitoring. We will create a systmatic environment promoting precision medicine based on digital healthcare through the establishment of convergence and complex synergy with L&K Biomed’s spinal implant clinical network.”


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