MEDICAL IP-Hallym University Medical Center to build a medical metaverse ecosystem

▶ Signed an MOU to introduce convergence medical technology for metaverse, digital twin, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and XR (eXtended Reality) in hospitals

▶ “We will lead medical innovation by combining the advanced technology of MEDICAL IP and the medical infrastructure of Hallym University Medical Center”

MEDICAL IP will join hands with Hallym University Medical Center to build a ‘medical metaverse’ ecosystem that will bring innovation to the medical field.

MEDICAL IP signed a strategic alliance agreement with Hallym University Medical Center with the goal of introducing advanced technologies such as metaverse, digital twin, medical artificial intelligence and XR platform to the medical field.

Through this MOU, the two institutions will ▲discover new businesses in metaverse and digital twin fields ▲develop medical services using AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality)/XR (eXtended Reality) convergence technology based on medical images ▲introduce AI-based differentiated health checkup service, etc.

Hallym University Medical Center is a medical institution that has five hospitals under its umbrella, including Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital.

Among them, Hallym University Clinic and MEDICAL IP are using the medical image-based digital twin implementation technology and Metaverse solution in the medical field, developing advanced medical services for patients, and strengthening the medical staff’s competence using the Metaverse. The goal is to build an advanced medical ecosystem by finding ways to improve it.

With this agreement, Hallym University Medical Center will also provide patients with AI/digital twin-utilized medical services for disease prevention/treatment and medical staff with metaverse-converged training for skill improvement and AR convergence surgical navigation platform.

In response, MEDICAL IP CEO, Sang-Joon Park, said: “MEDICAL IP’s original technology, which analyzes and processes medical images and realizes patient’s anatomic information as digital twins, is not only an essential element of realizing the medical metaverse, but is also a key component of building future hospitals such as smart hospital ward.

Through strategic collaboration with Hallym University Medical Center, which has excellent medical infrastructure, the two institutions will work together so that cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Metaverse can be quickly introduced into the medical field.”


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