MEDICAL IP-United Imaging Healthcare, Signing an MOU to Mount AI Body Composition Analysis Solution into Medical Devices

▶ Joint marketing of DeepCatch and CT imaging equipment through strategic alliance with UIH

▶ “We will change the paradigm of body composition examination by combining CT-based automatic body composition analysis technology with UIH medical devices.”


MEDICAL IP and United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) signed an MOU with the goal of technology combination, joint marketing, and market share expansion.


Through this agreement, the two companies plan to do ▲Joint cooperation to combine DeepCatch and UIH-produced diagnostic imaging equipment ▲Strengthen marketing of a total solution for medical imaging and image analysis ▲Joint cooperation to expand the market share of both companies' products.


When DeepCatch is installed in CT imaging equipment through collaboration between MEDICAL IP and UIH, high-accuracy body composition analysis is performed at the same time as the image is taken, which is expected to dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of body composition examination.


DeepCatch is an AI software that automatically divides human body structures, such as skin, muscle, fat, and bones, in CT and provides numerical information for each structure. As providing high-accuracy body composition analysis results with only one CT scan, it will change the paradigm of body composition examination methods that require separate examinations with low accuracy, for instance, body mass index (BMI) and bioelectrical resistance analysis (BIA). Therefore, DeepCatch is attracting attention as an innovative product.


“This agreement with UIH is expected to be the starting point of an innovative body composition test paradigm that allows DeepCatch to be installed in diagnostic imaging equipment to check accurate body composition information and risk of multiple diseases immediately after taking CT scan,” said Sang-Joon Park, the CEO of MEDICAL IP. He also added, “as the demand for prevention and treatment of geriatric diseases, including diseases, sarcopenia, and osteoporosis, is rapidly increasing, we will add a bone density measurement function on DeepCatch to significantly strengthen the market competitiveness of the product.”


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