MEDICAL IP - International St. Mary's Hospital - Incheon Catholic University signed MOU

MEDICALIP - International St. Mary's Hospital - Incheon Catholic University MOU signing ceremony

▶ Industry, universities, and hospitals unite in nurturing future human resources in the medical metaverse and developing medical science convergence research

▶ Establish governance for the development and vitalization of the medical industry through trilateral cooperation

MEDICAL IP signed a business agreement with International St. Mary's Hospital and Incheon Catholic University to nurture future talents in the medical metaverse and vitalize medical science convergence research.

This agreement was pursued with the goal of nurturing field-type professional talents who will be active in future key industries, such as medical metaverse and bio-health, advancement of medical technology, and development of the medical industry.

Through the agreement, each institution plans to carry out ▲ joint research and development in the medical metaverse and bio-health field ▲ development and operation of education programs for the future medical industry ▲ establishment of industry-university collaboration governance to revitalize the medical industry.

In particular, MEDICAL IP, which is leading the medical metaverse technology, is expected to form an interconnected cooperative system with hospitals and universities, thereby accelerating the introduction of advanced medical technology to the medical field and fostering future talents in the metaverse field.

The CEO of MEDICAL IP, Sang-joon Park, said, “Metaverse is a technology that penetrates all industries including society, culture, and economy, and it is time to find a way to more effectively apply it to the medical field.”

CEO Park continued, “as building close relationships through a three-party business agreement among companies developing medical technology, hospitals applying the technology in real life, and universities raising up talented individuals for the future medical field, we will continue to work hard on flourishing medical metaverse technology that is beneficial to both medical staffs and patients.”


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