MEDICAL IP acquires Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certification, for the first time in Korea, for AR technology realizing ‘Medical Metaverse’

Using MEDIP PRO AR, the patient's anatomical structures are realized in augmented reality

▶ Implementation of anatomical structures with augmented reality technology during surgery… Clinical efficacy and safety verification through thesis

▶ “The first case of approval by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for augmented reality applied medical devices… It will be a catalyst to change the surgical paradigm.”

MEDICALIP has developed a technology that combines digital twin and augmented reality (AR) to implement practical metaverse technology in the medical field.

MEDICALIP has completed the certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for MEDIP PRO equipped with ‘MEDIP PRO AR’, an augmented reality platform for surgical navigation.

This is the first time that medical software using augmented reality (AR) technology has been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.

'MEDIP PRO AR' is a platform that can non-invasively obtain information, such as the location and size of skin, bone, and internal brain structures, during surgical intervention or surgery through augmented reality technology. The patient's anatomical structures implemented with artificial intelligence-based digital twin technology are expanded with AR technology.

As using ‘MEDIP PRO AR’, medical staff can visually check the actual patient's organs and lesions implemented with AR technology and determine the surgical route and location more effectively. With this certification as an opportunity, the introduction of MEDIP PRO AR to the medical field, which can improve the safety of surgical interventions and surgeries, is expected to begin in earnest.

The clinical usefulness, efficacy and safety of the technology has already been verified through papers. According to the paper 「Development of an inside-out augmented reality technique for neurosurgical navigation」 published in Neurosurgical Focus, the anatomical information implemented in MEDIP PRO AR is accurately matched with the tumor and anatomical structures within the intracranial space, resulting in valuable surgical navigation during operations.

CEO Sang-joon Park said, "The company has completed the commercialization of multiple medical platforms that converts the patient's internal information into digital twins and implement them into the metaverse. The foundation has been laid.”

He continued, “According to Gartner, the 'Immersive Technologies for Care Delivery' industry, such as AR and VR technologies used in surgical planning and medical education, has just entered an innovation trigger. Through the developed metaverse technology, we will lead a change in the global medical paradigm.”


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