MEDICAL IP-Incheon Catholic University signed an MOU for nurturing future human resources for the medical metaverse and industrial development

MEDICAL IP-Dankook University Hospital MOU signing ceremony,Incheon Catholic, medical metaverse, biomedical art, healthcare design, 3D Printing, medical education

▶ Introduce MEDICAL IP's AI, 3D printing, and metaverse technologies to healthcare and the Art & Biomedical convergence education curriculum

▶ “The goal is to foster professionals with convergent talents to respond to future medical needs”

MEDICAL IP signed an agreement with Incheon Catholic University to nurture medical metaverse specialists and to strengthen industry-university cooperation.

The main goal of this agreement is to intensively nurture future talents eligible for leading the medical industry by introducing multiple medical solutions developed by MEDICAL IP into the educational course, which combines health care and art, at Incheon Catholic University. ​

MEDICAL IP plans to apply medical image-based AI analysis, 3D printing, and medical metaverse solutions to the biomedical art and healthcare design educational courses required for metaverse implementation. ​

At MEDICAL IP, employees majored in anatomy and art are participating in the development and commercialization of medical metaverse solutions as they work on medical image data labeling and 3D anatomy model project which are the key elements in implementation of medical metaverse. ​

Kim Hyung-chan, the head of Industry-Academic Cooperation Group at Incheon Catholic University, said, "We will nurture professionals specialized in future industries by providing opportunity to students to utilize advanced medical technologies, such as AI and Metaverse, developed by MEDICAL IP." ​

Sang-Joon Park, the CEO of MEDICAL IP, said, “In order for medical information to be applied to the entire medical cycle including medical education, information analysis, and surgical planning, accurate and intuitive implementation of three-dimensional medical information is essential along with anatomical knowledge. Since Incheon Catholic University is leading the field of medical art and healthcare design, which is the specialized area for medical knowledge and visualization, combining MEDICAL IP's artificial intelligence image analysis and 3D realization technology with their educational curriculum will accelerate the development of the medical metaverse industry."


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