MEDICAL IP and Dankook University Hospital signed an agreement to introduce next-generation medical technology

▶ Utilization of CT-based artificial intelligence body composition analysis solution and medical metaverse solution developed by MEDICAL IP to Dankook University Hospital

▶ The goal is to develop a differentiated health checkup service incorporating AI and to build an advanced medical environment

MEDICAL IP-Dankook University Hospital MOU signing ceremony

MEDICAL IP signed an MOU with Dankook University Hospital to develop artificial intelligence-based next-generation health checkup services and introduce medical metaverse solutions. ​

With this agreement, Dankook University Hospital will introduce a medical metaverse solution, which combines MEDICAL IP's CT-based AI automatic body composition analysis solution, DeepCatch, and AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and XR (extended reality) technologies, to the hospital. It is planned to be used for medical examination of patients and improvement of medical staff skills. ​​

DeepCatch is an AI software that automatically segments the skin, bones, muscles, and fat on whole body from CT images and provides quantitative values. Through DeepCatch, patients who have taken CT images when visiting the hospital will be able to obtain accurate body composition information. ​​

Dankook University Hospital aims to use this to provide not only the diagnosis of diseases based on CT images of patients, but also an opportunity for screening diseases related to body composition, such as diabetes, obesity, sarcopenia, and osteoporosis. ​​

In addition, the hospital and MEDICAL IP will jointly develop metaverse contents for medical staff education to educate medical staff and improve their medical skills. Dankook University Hospital plans to utilize MEDICAL IP's medical image-based metaverse contents for acquisition of anatomical information by medical personnel and surgical simulation, and to develop metaverse contents optimized for the medical field by combining the technical skills and clinical know-how of both institutions. ​​

An official from MEDICAL IP said, “We want to provide advanced medical services to patients and more effective educational opportunities for medical staff through MEDICAL IP’s medical solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and Metaverse. Then, it will lead us to build a patient-centered medical environment.”


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