MEDICAL IP, selected as ‘100 Excellent National R&D Performances 2021’ by the Ministry of Science and ICT

‘Ministry of Science and ICT’ CI. MEDICAL IP, selected as ‘100 national R&D excellence achievements’ by the Ministry of Science and ICT

▶ Selected for excellent research in 'Convergence Technology'

▶ Proving the superiority of the original technology for segmenting lesions and organs in medical images

​ MEDICAL IP was selected as one of '100 Excellent National R&D Performaces 2021' hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

The selection of the ‘100 Excellent National R&D Performaces' was prepared to promote public interest in science and technology that leads national development and to inspire the pride of scientists and engineers.

The research result of MEDICAL IP, which was selected as an excellent performance in the field of convergence technology, is ‘Development of a deep learning engine that divides lesions and organs in medical images and installation of commercial software’.

This technology utilizes AI for medical image segmentation,

which had to be done directly by radiologists and medical image segmentation experts. It enables clinicians and researchers to analyze medical image big data, which was difficult for human to deal with, to predict and prevent diseases.

Sang-Joon Park, CEO of MEDICAL IP, said, “We are delighted that our technology, developed to enhance the value of medical imaging and contribute to the medical field, has been recognized as an excellent national R&D achievement. We will continue to develop solutions.”​

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