MEDICAL IP confirms quantification of COVID-19 and predictability of risk through international academic journal

▶ Verification of TiSepX's X-ray analysis technology through papers published in the scientific and medical journal 'PLOS ONE'

▶ Research confirms that TiSepX can be used to quantify and monitor the degree of lung damage

Screen analysis of X-rays of COVID-19 confirmed patients using TiSepX (Source: PLOS ONE)

​A paper using the ‘TiSepX’ technology to quantify COVID-19 pneumonia in X-ray images was published in the international academic journal ‘PLOS ONE’.

This research was conducted jointly by Professor Jinyoung Kim's team at Chungbuk National University Hospital and Professor Soonho Yun's team at Seoul National University Hospital. The research team numerically analyzed the degree of lung damage on chest X-rays of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 who are likely to develop severe breathing difficulties and monitor the progression over time. Furthermore, TiSepX's X-ray analysis technology confirmed the possibility of predicting the risk of death.

In particular, it has a special meaning as it is the result of a study on the data of elderly confirmed patients who are vulnerable to infection.

Recently, several medical institutions and companies have been focusing on developing solutions for quantifying pneumonia and predicting prognosis for the management of critically ill patients. MEDICAL preemptively prepared COVID-19 response technology through AI technology, and the technology was verified through this research.

Professor Yoon Soon-ho of the Department of Radiology at Seoul National University Hospital, who led this study, said, “COVID-19 pneumonia shows large fluctuations within two weeks after the onset of symptoms. With this study, we tried to respond quickly by analyzing the trajectory of pneumonia symptoms and predicting high-risk patients. For this, quantification of pneumonic lesions through chest X-ray should be preceded, and TiSepX is the optimal AI solution to make this possible.”

TiSepX is an X-ray analysis platform that can obtain three-dimensional information such as the size (cm²) of the pneumonia lesion and the proportion (%) in the total lung in two-dimensional X-rays with MEDICALIP's AI technology.

It can automatically segment the lungs and lesions on the patient's X-ray and display them numerically, so that the patient's treatment progress can be checked in the long term.

Through TiSepX, it is possible to quickly and accurately read and quantify not only COVID-19 but also various lung diseases such as TB and monitor the effectiveness of treatment, so that it is possible to quickly respond to the emergence of new viruses that are transmitted through the respiratory tract.

MEDICALIP CEO Park Sang-joon said, “As the WHO recommends the use of chest X-rays for diagnosing severe COVID-19 patients, the technology to quickly and accurately identify diseases through X-rays is becoming more important. In order to prepare for the return to daily life, the need for AI technology that can identify and manage accurate patient information from X-rays will become more prominent.”

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