MEDICAL IP launches 30 types of AI modules that automatically divide anatomical structures

▶ Completed development of AI technology that automatically divides liver, lung, pancreas, artery, thyroid gland, etc. in CT

▶ Strengthen product competitiveness by installing it in ‘MEDIP Pro’, a medical image AI segmentation and analysis software

Automatically segmented anatomical structures using MEDIP's AI module

MEDICALIP is targeting the global medical market by developing medical AI technology that maximizes the efficiency of medical image reading.


MEDICALIP has released an AI module that automatically segments 30 anatomical structures in CT images. The company significantly strengthens product competitiveness by installing this AI module in MEDIP Pro.


Using the AI ​​module, medical staff can automatically segment various anatomical structures such as Airway, Artery, Liver, Lung, Pancreas, Spleen, bone, and body composition in CT with one click. In addition, quantitative information of the divided area can be obtained.


The company said, “MEDIP Pro is the only medical AI software at home and abroad that performs 3D implementation, AI segmentation, and quantitative analysis immediately after setting a specific organ area, and connects it to virtual augmented reality.” Going beyond the AI ​​segmentation function, we focused on developing AI technology that enables all medical staff to segment anatomical structures according to their needs, even if they are not radiologists.” 

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