MEDICAL IP CEO Sang-Joon Park participates in 'Children's Traffic Safety Challenge'

CEO Park Sang-joon joins the campaign to prevent child traffic accidents and establish a safe traffic culture

MEDICAL IP CEO Sang-Joon Park is participating in the campaign with a sign with the official slogan of the Children's Traffic Safety Relay Challenge.

Sang-Joon Park, CEO of MEDICALIP, participated in the ‘Children’s Traffic Safety Relay Challenge’ to prevent children’s traffic accidents and establish a safe traffic culture.


Children’s Traffic Safety Relay Challenge’ is a public interest campaign organized by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and the Ministry of Education to prevent accidents in children’s protection areas and establish a driving culture that prioritizes children’s traffic safety.


The campaign is carried out in a relay method in which photos taken with the official slogan selected by the public idea contest are shared through SNS and the next participant is nominated. CEO Park Sang-joon nominated Han Seung-man, CEO of Bertis, as the next runner to continue the campaign.



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