MEDICAL IP conquers 'brain disease' with AI imaging technology and 3D printing

MEDICAL IP, clinically validated the efficacy of medical 3D solutions in cerebrovascular diseases

▶ Through the study, the value of the medical 3D solution was confirmed in the operation of representative severe cerebrovascular diseases

▶ “We will continue to develop medical technology to increase the success rate of treatment for cerebrovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death.

MEDICALIP verified its clinical usefulness by applying the company's AI image analysis technology and 3D printing technology to the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases through a recently published paper.

The paper 'Clinical application of 3D virtual and printed models for cerebrovascular diseases' published in 'Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery', a journal in the field of neurosurgery, utilized the technology of MEDICALIP.

3D modeling and 3D printing model based on cerebral artery patient medical image 3D modeling and 3D printing model based on medical image of cavernous patient

According to the paper, when medical image-based 3D printing technology is applied to the surgery and treatment of patients with 'aneurysm', 'spongiform malformation', and 'arteriovenous malformation', which are typical cerebrovascular diseases, lesions and vascular structures could be identified more accurately. This allows for proper surgical planning, surgical simulation, modification of the approach, and reduction of surgical time.

Professor Won-sang Cho of Neurosurgery at Seoul National University Hospital, who led the study, said, “We conducted clinical trials on patients with the highest level of difficulty of surgery, and the 3D printing model was a decisive help in establishing the surgical strategy. The realization of tissues, cranial nerves, and even microvessels with a diameter of 1 mm was possible. Thanks to MEDICALIP's excellent three-dimensional implementation technology.”


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