20 billion investment completed... where is the new office for MEDICALIP?

MEDICAL IP, which has recently completed attracting investment, 

has set up a new home.

MEDICALIP new office

MEDICALIP has been recognized as an excellent company that fulfills its business competitiveness and corporate social responsibility, and has recently completed a series C investment of KRW 20 billion.

After attracting investment, the company relocated its offices with the goal of expanding research and production days, smooth communication between departments, strengthening employees' sense of belonging, and accelerating business promotion.

Medical IP, Series C investmentMedical IP, Series C investment

By naming each conference room with human body components such as Heart, Liver, Brain, Muscle, and Lung, MEDICALIP's core technology for segmenting organ regions in medical images is intuitively expressed.

MEDICALIP new office

CEO Park Sang-joon said, "In the first half of the year, we completed strategic investment attraction and office expansion as planned. In the second half, we will focus on strengthening product competitiveness and speeding up growth."


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