MEDICALIP "Prevention of disease and prognosis management with AI"

MEDICAL IP "AI-based X-ray and CT analysis technology will enable disease prevention and prognosis management"

medicalip AI-based X-ray and CT

(source : News1)

<2021-05-20> MEDICAL IP CEO Sang-Joon Park attended the '14th Bio Leaders Club Breakfast Forum' hosted by 'News 1'. At this meeting, he explained, "We have completed clinical validation and product development using accurate numerical information based on medical images."

MEDICAL IP's AI software shows the quantitative analysis on the total body composition based on the patient's CT image and enables prediction of future diseases, such as sarcopenia, metabolic disease, and osteoporosis.

CEO Park Sang-joon explained, "We are creating a system for preventing diseases from a treatment point of view by accurately analyzing body composition."

MEDICAL IP is verifying the efficacy and safety of its products through cooperative research with major domestic medical staff such as Seoul National University Hospital.


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