MEDICAL IP to attract investment in Series C... Partnership with Dong-A Socio Holdings

MEDICAL IP attracts 20 billion KRW Series C investment

▶ Expected to strengthen competitiveness in the medical market through partnership with Dong-A Socio Holdings, which participated in SI

Medicalip Series C

MEDICALIP has completed attracting 20 billion won of Series C investment.

In particular, Dong-A Socio Holdings, which has many affiliates in the medical field such as Dong-A ST and Dong-A Pharmaceutical, participated as a strategic investor in this investment MEDICAL IP expected to strengthen competitiveness in the medical field and expand the market in earnest.

Dong-A Socio Holdings plans to join with MEDICALIP to foster artificial intelligence healthcare business and create new business opportunities.

CEO Park Sang-joon said, “MEDICALIP is building a differentiated business model that can predict and even monitor diseases using medical AI.”

He continued, “Both FI and SI highly evaluated the company’s technological competitiveness, and we successfully attracted a total of KRW 20 billion in investment. By using this, we will strive to advance the technology, commercialize medical AI products, and enter the global healthcare market.”


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