MEDICAL IP, confirms the usefulness of patient-specific brain tumor 3D printing models

MEDICAL IP, Confirmation of clinical usefulness of 3D-printed brain tumor model]

▶ Announcement of clinical application results of brain tumor 3D printing model and surgical planning system through 'Scientific Report'

▶ Confirmation of high clinical effect in neurosurgery... Expected expansion of medical field of 3D printing solution

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<2021-03-31> A paper for the clinical effect of a patient-specific brain tumor 3D printing model developed by MEDICALIP was published in Scientific Reports, an international scientific journal.

Professor Cheol-gi Park of Neurosurgery at Seoul National University Hospital, who led this study, said, “Through research, we have confirmed that a high-precision, patient-specific 3D-printed brain tumor model and a total solution for manufacturing it have clinical utility in neurosurgery. As the speed of model production is secured, it will be a good guide for introducing 3D printing technology to the medical field in the future.”

The research team confirmed that MEDICALIP's AI solution has clinical utility in planning the entire surgical procedure, such as measuring the surgical location and scope, the degree of head rotation, the degree of resection of the tumor, and determining the surgical position.

In particular, it was found to be more effective for medical staff with little experience in surgery as it can intuitively and accurately check information about the tumor and surrounding areas. It is expected to significantly contribute to lowering the entry barrier for difficult surgery and improving the surgical outcome.


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