MEDICALIP, first introduced ‘Disease Prevention and Monitoring AI’ technology at KIMES 2021

MEDICAL IP participates in KIMES 2021 and introduces 'Disease Prevention and Monitoring AI' technology.

▶ Introduced innovative AI medical solutions that enable precision medicine based on medical image data such as CT, MRI, and X-ray

▶ Release of AI product lineup including TB treatment monitoring solution and body composition analysis solution to predict geriatric diseases

MEDICALIP participates in KIMES 2021 and introduces 'Disease Prevention and Monitoring AI' technology

<2021-03-19> MEDICALIP participated in KIMES 2021 and introduced innovative AI technology that enables disease prevention and monitoring. At this KIMES, MEDICALIP unveiled various AI medical product lineups. △AI automatic body composition analysis software ‘DeepCatch’ △X-ray-based disease quantification AI platform ‘TiSepX’ △AI medical image segmentation/analysis software ‘MEDIP PRO’ △Medical 3D printing solution ‘ANATDEL’, etc. In particular, the recently developed pulmonary tuberculosis quantification and treatment monitoring AI solution, ‘TiSepX TB,’ was unveiled for the first time, drawing the attention of industry officials.

Recently, the company has completed the development of 'TiSepX TB', a solution that numerically analyzes the degree of pulmonary tuberculosis. It is a specialized product for monitoring the treatment of TB that requires long-term treatment, as it uses X-rays to quantify the therapeutic effect and improvement of pulmonary tuberculosis.

In addition, MEDICAL IP introduced ‘DeepCatch’, an AI solution optimized for prediction and prevention of geriatric diseases. DeepCatch is a software that analyzes the body composition of the whole body into 7 structures with one click and quantifies information on each structure. It has an accuracy of 97% and is being actively used as a body composition index for CT analysis research.

As body composition indicators are directly related to cancer, obesity, sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and metabolic syndrome, many domestic and foreign medical institutions are already actively conducting research using DeepCatch.

CEO Park Sang-joon said, "MEDICALIP is the only company in Korea that has secured quantification technology for disease through AI." He continued, “Based on a diverse product lineup, the company will leap forward as the No. 1 AI company leading the era of precision medicine.”


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