MEDICALIP-Bertis, MOU for development of bio-dual complex AI platform

MEDICAL IP-Bertis, signed an agreement to develop a bio-dual complex AI platform

▶ Conduct joint research to predict and prevent diseases using medical image data and bio data

▶ “We will introduce advanced medical technology that leads the development of the medical environment and advances the era of precision medicine”

MEDICALIP-Bertis, signed an agreement to develop a bio-dual complex AI platform
<2021-03-18> MEDICALIP signed an MOU with Bertis, a proteomics-based early diagnosis technology development company, to develop a bio-dual complex AI platform.

The two companies plan to develop an advanced medical AI platform by combining MEDICALIP's AI and Radiomics technology based on medical image big data and Bertis's leading technology in quantitative proteomics.

The ‘Bio Dual Complex AI Platform’ is a technology that uses AI to complexly analyze bio data, such as genome and proteomic data, and medical image data, such as CT, MRI, and X-ray. The goal is to develop technologies that can even predict and prevent diseases.
It is expected that the data and technology of the two companies will create synergy for enabling higher-accuracy disease prediction. In addition, the companies plan to develop technologies that enable disease risk measurement, discover new drug candidates for disease prevention and treatment, and develop new drugs.


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