MEDICAL IP, Supplying ‘ANATDEL’ to SNUH Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

MEDICAL IP supplies ‘ANATDEL’ to the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital

▶ Development and production of medical 3D printing simulator for 5 types of congenital heart disease

▶ Medical education, which relied on visual data such as surgical images, becomes practical education through advanced 3D printing technology.

medicalip ANATDEL

<2021-01-18> MEDICALIP supplied the 3D printing simulator, 'ANATDEL', for 5 congenital heart diseases (ASD, ASD_PAPPVR, TOF, TGA, DORV) to the symposium hosted by the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital. ANATDEL is a medical 3D printing solution owned by MEDICALIP.

The Department of Thoracic Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital has been actively using ANATDEL to improve medical skills and provide surgical simulation training.

medicalip ANATDEL

The goal is to achieve the effect of strengthening the medical staff's competence and reducing the operation time by providing practical education using a 3D printing simulator, away from the theoretical medical education that learns the operation method with video data containing the surgery scene.

A hospital official said, “Using ANATDEL will overcome the limitations of the limited use of cadaver (dissection practice corpse) and enable medical staff to accumulate experience.”


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