MEDICALIP selected as 'National Representative of Innovative Company' and 'Innovation Icon'

MEDICAL IP, ‘National Representative of Innovative Company’ and ‘Innovation Icon’ at the same time

▶ Received excellent evaluations on technology, innovation, and growth potential

▶ “We will accelerate growth in 2021 by participating in various government-led programs”

<2020-12-17> MEDICALIP was selected as one of the ‘National Representative 1000 Innovative Companies’ and ‘Innovation Icon’ by the government.

A company official said, "We had the splendor of being selected for two government-sponsored programs evaluating the company's technological prowess, innovation, growth potential, and financial soundness in various ways. We will strengthen our business competitiveness by utilizing various support provided to selected companies.”

The National Representative 1000 Innovative Companies’ was prepared with the purpose of providing comprehensive financial support by selecting 1,000 leading innovative companies with high future growth potential.

With this selection, MEDICALIP is expected to receive various support, such as financial support, business and financial management information, and business infrastructure for overseas market development.

MEDICALIP was also selected as the ‘4th Innovation Icon’ hosted by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. This is a program that discovers and supports startups with high global growth potential based on innovative business models. Over 200 companies applied this year, and the final five companies were selected with the highest competition ratio of 44 to 1.

CEO Park Sang-joon said, "We will make 2021 as the first year of leaping into a 'global medical AI company' by further devoting ourselves to the growth and development of the company through various government support."


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