MEDICAL IP to participate in RSNA 2020 to introduce 'AI medical solution' based on CT, MRI, and X-ray images

[MEDICAL IP to present ‘Advanced AI Medical Solution’ based on CT, MRI, and X-ray images at RSNA ]

▶ First release of ‘TiSepX’, an AI platform that can quantify COVID-19 lesions with X-rays

▶ Unveils innovative product lineup including AI whole body composition analysis software ‘DeepCatch’

medicalip RSNA TiSepX DeepCatch
MEDICAL IP will participate in RSNA 2020 held online. MEDICAL IP plans to introduce medical AI products with AI technology, such as ▲X-ray segmentation and analysis platform TiSepX ▲Body composition automatic analysis software DeepCatch.

In particular, TiSepX, which extracts numerical information of lesions through X-ray images, will be unveiled for the first time. Using TiSepX, medical staff can obtain numerical information such as the area and ratio of pneumonia lesions from a patient's X-ray image. Using this, it is possible to quickly and accurately determine the patient's condition.

The lesion information analyzed by TiSepX from the X-ray image matches the CT by more than 99.5%, raising expectations as a product that can maximize the medical value of the X-ray image.

In addition, AI body composition automatic analysis software 'DeepCatch' will be released. DeepCatch is a product that automatically divides body components such as skin, bones, muscles, visceral fat, and subcutaneous fat from whole-body CT images.

CEO Park Sang-joon said, "RSNA is a great opportunity to introduce MEDICAL IP's AI medical solution to the global market as RSNA is the largest radiology conference in North America where more than 50,000 academics and industry officials from around the world participate to share medical imaging technology trends and information." said.

He said, “We will actively promote our innovative product lineup and differentiated AI technology so that our AI solutions can be introduced in medical fields around the world.”


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