MEDICAL IP, selected as a full-cycle medical device research and development project

[MEDICAL IP, selected 2 medical device R&D projects hosted by KMDF]

▶ Simultaneously carry out the task of developing market-friendly products to secure global competitiveness and leading the future medical environment in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

▶ Started development of SW and XR-based robotic surgery navigation platform for AI lung disease diagnosis mobile CT

MEDICAL IP was selected as a participating company in the ‘Korea Medical Device Development fund’ project conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

MEDICAL IP will be carrying out two projects: ▲development of market-friendly products to secure global competitiveness and ▲leading the 4th industrial revolution and future medical environment.

In the case of a market-friendly global competitive product development project, a consortium with university hospitals and companies will be formed to develop 'low-dose mobile CT based on automatic lung disease diagnosis solution to respond to respiratory infectious diseases'. MEDICAL IP will be in charge of developing and commercializing AI solutions for lung disease diagnosis.

In the field of leading the future medical environment, we will develop a robot surgery navigation platform for patient-tailored precision surgery together with Seoul National University Hospital and Chungbuk National University Hospital. MEDICAL IP plans to directly plan and promote the advancement and commercialization of the platform.

CEO Park Sang-joon said, “Through this task, we will strengthen our position in advanced medical fields such as AI medical image analysis, XR, and robotic surgery.”


Sep 15 / 2023

MEDICAL IP won the ‘Innovation Grand Prize’ at the <KHF Innovation Award>

Aug 31 / 2023

Changing the ‘Future of anatomy’ through MEDICAL IP's AI and digital twin technology

Aug 8 / 2023

MEDICAL IP, Selected as Gartner's Sample Vendor for 6 Consecutive Years


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