MEDICALIP, '14 3D Printing Medical Guides' Approved for Class 1 Medical Device

MEDICAL IP acquires approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for 14 types of patient-tailored 3D printing medical guides

▶ Verification of effectiveness of medical 3D printing solution ANATDEL during surgery

▶ Provides a ‘patient-specific’ guide that can check surgical site indications and implant insertion routes

medicalip ANATDEL

MEDICAL IP has obtained Grade 1 approval for 14 types of patient-tailored medical guides from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

There are a total of 14 models of Anatdel products, which have been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and are medical guides that non-invasively guide the incision range during surgical operations.

Using the original technology to create 3D-printed organ models based on actual patient's medical images, we provide a 'patient-specific surgical guide' that accurately recognizes the implant's path, location, and surgical site.

It is expected that the medical staff will be able to significantly increase the success rate of surgery and shorten the operation time by using the medical guide optimized for the patient's human body information.


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