MEDICAL IP, selected as Gartner Sample Vendor for 3 consecutive years

MEDICAL IP Selected as Gartner Sample Vendor for 3 Consecutive Years

▶ Selected as a reference company in the field of ‘Hype Cycle for Digital Care Delivery’

▶ Selected for the first time among Asian companies in 2018 and has been selected for 3 consecutive years

medicalip Gartner Sample Vendor

MEDICAL IP has again proved its global competitiveness in the medical 3D printing field.

MEDICALIP was selected as a Sample Vendor for 3 consecutive years in published by Gartner.

The selected division was ‘3D Printed Presurgery Anatomical Models’ which is focusing on technologies that creates a 3D printing model identical to the patient's actual condition and applies it to the medical field based on the patient's CT and MRI.

The company said, “It is a significant achievement to be selected as a representative company for three consecutive years in a report by Gartner, a global research institute in the IT field. MEDICALIP has unrivaled 3D printing technology competitiveness by building a total solution that makes 3D-printed organ models customized for patients using ‘MEDIP PRO,’ the software for AI medical image analysis/segmentation.”


Sep 15 / 2023

MEDICAL IP won the ‘Innovation Grand Prize’ at the <KHF Innovation Award>

Aug 31 / 2023

Changing the ‘Future of anatomy’ through MEDICAL IP's AI and digital twin technology

Aug 8 / 2023

MEDICAL IP, Selected as Gartner's Sample Vendor for 6 Consecutive Years


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