Creating a perfect human organ model, 3D printing technology 'ANATDEL'

Medical IP, Empowering doctors with AI-backed bio-simulator

ANATDEL is composed of two words - 'Anatomical' and 'Model.' ANATDEL can be produced at least  2~3 days or 2 weeks at max. The materials used, texture and color can be customized at the needs of a client.  ANATDEL is known as the world's best technology to provide optimized medical services for surgical planning, surgical simulation, patient explanation and education. Medical IP's 3D printing technology has been published on the front page of, one of the most prestigious imaging medical portals in the medical community. Besides, 97 cases of 98 tumors were found and removed in real surgery after simulation using liver model printed at Seoul National University Hospital. Indeed, 3D printing model application in cardiac surgery has shown that the reoperation rate in 30 days has decreased from 56.12% to 12.95% and mortality has improved from 1.37% to 0%.

In a report introducing Korea's 3D medical technology, China CCTV recently showed the cases of medical IP's Anatello, Seoul National University Hospital's medical teams in China as well as consulting and surgery planning. 

The 3D modeling data is extracted from the patient's actual medical data using Medical IP's software platform, 'MEDIP.' Therefore, it shows the technical advantage of a large gap in accuracy compared to the anatomical model produced using conventional modeling data.

Gartner, U.S. IT research firm, chose Medical IP last August as the reference company for 3D printed human organ model for surgical planning, which proves Medical IP has become one of the world's leading companies in the industry. Multinational companies such as Materialize and Stratasys have been listed as reference companies, but Medical IP is the first Asian company.

Reported by In-gyu Oh




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