MEDIP software attained the GS Certification Class 1


Our software, "MEDIP," has earned the GS certification class 1.

The GS certification test is based on the ISO / IEC 25023, 25041, and 25051 international standards and runs a test on the functional compatibility, performance efficiency, usability, reliability, security, etc.  After this comprehensive evaluation of the product quality, class 1 or class 2 is given to the tested product based on the result.

MEDIP successfully achieved class 1 GS certification, which is the highest level and has made one step further up to be applied nation-widely.

<Benefits of GS Certification>

- Supports contracts as a third-party agency with Public Procurement Service (PPS)  through an official registration process.

- Designates a GS certified product as a primary purchase option in the field.

- Buyer's indemnity system for technology development products subject to priority purchase

- Designates as a priority product for a project in the public sector

- When a governmental organization purchases commercial software, the GS certification result will be reflected in the technical evaluation of the product.

- Grants a benefit when judging the appropriateness of software when a contract/subcontract is being negotiated.

More information about GS certification follows in the link below.


Sep 15 / 2023

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