MEDICALIP, selected as a sample vendor for a 3D-printed human body for a surgical guide

Medical IP,  a developer of medical image software and medical 3D printing, has been chosen as a sample vendor for a 3D-printed human body for a surgical guide in the "Hype Cycle for 3D Printing, 2018" and "Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers, 2018" from Gartner, a research firm in the information technology.


<Expanding 3D printing and medical market, Medical IP is expected to grow into a big market in the future>

By Jae-Il Bang

INDUSTRY NEWS --- The '3D Printing Human Long-Term Model for Surgical Planning' field, selected as a reference project, is progressing not only 3D printing technology using anatomical data from medical images from CT, MRI, a 3D printer for long-term data of anatomy but also machines, aircraft, automobiles, and architecture. Alongside with the expansion of the commercial medical market, 3D printing is a promising business sector, expected to grow into a mega-market of 3.2291 trillion Korean won by 2022.

Medical IP released a software to segment three-dimensional medical images by AI.
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Medical IP started as a spin-off of Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) in 2015, of which Sang-Joon Park, a professor of medical imagery at SNUH, is in charge as a CEO. Medical IP has been known to develop high-quality medical 3D printing technology on its own through cooperation with significant hospitals centered on Seoul National University Hospital.

In 2016, the software was launched, which extracts the long-term domain from 3D medical images to artificial intelligence technology. Medical IP plans to provide "One-stop" solutions related to medical imaging in the future and to enter the market by building a big data platform quickly.

"By 2021, about 25% of surgeons will use 3D printer models for surgical simulations," said Park Sang-Joon, CEO of Medical IP. "It is crucial to increase access to medical 3D printing technology and to save lives. We will make a company that contributes more actively. "

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