Participation in the Asia Pacific Cardiovascular Intermediation Accountation Society (APCIS)


Medical IP showcased three different product types at APCIS 2018, which are ‘Heart and Cardiovascular’ and ‘Patient-Specific Anatomical Model (Anatdel)’, and Realistic Tactile Phantom Model.

In the lecture hall, Medical IP’s CEO, Sang-Joon Park gave a lecture on medical 3D printing. In this lecture, we used MEDIP software to demonstrate 3D visualization which further used to produce anatomical 3D model.

In this lecture, there is an opportunity to experience MEDIP at the “Medical 3D Printing Experience “room. In this room, participant used MEDIP to segment DICOM data, and then see both 3D model in VR and real 3D printed model.


Jun 18 / 2024

[MedTech] 'Augmented Reality' Enters the Operating Room, Providing '3D Color Visualization' from 2D Flat Medical Image

Jun 18 / 2024

MEDICAL IP participated in ‘HIMSS 2024 Europe,’ introducing their personalized liver cancer solutions.

Mar 7 / 2024

MEDICAL IP, selected as “Top 10 R&D in cross-government medical devices of 2024 KMDF” through Extended Reality Technology


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