Human Life ‘frontier, pioneer’- MEDICALIP and CEO Sang Joon Park 3D Printing Technology of Lifesaving 3D Organ Model

3D Printing Technology of Lifesaving 3D Organ Model

MEDICALIP developed patient-specific organ modeling techniques using a high-performance medical imaging software and a unique 3D printing system for difficult diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Human Organ models with MEDICALIP’s technologies can make not only more accurate diagnosis in medical field, but effective selection of surgical method, and additionally help to increase success rates of treatment and surgery because it can perform surgical simulation. This is ‘MEDICALIP’, the company that developed new technology and applied it to real medical field to contribute to saving precious individual life. At present, MEDICALIP is the only the company that occupy the unique technologies in advance which is about multi-material 3D printing technology. Also, MEDICALIP has been requested for cooperation and collaboration by leading medical corporations as well as domestic companies and hospitals.


Educational and Surgical Decision Making Tools, Application to Medical System for Improving Diagnosis and Surgical Success Rate

Making solution of patient-specific human organ model is supported with high-performance medical imaging SW/HW technologies to assist the diagnosis, treatment, and the operation of disease at the MEDICALIP. MEDICALIP’s SW/HW source technology which has been verified in actual medical field through various specialists for 10 years can separated and extracted the targeted organ from various medical images such as CT or MR, etc. With MEDICALIP’s technologies, anyone can precisely visualize the human organ area through 3D reconstruction techniques. In addition, the customized organ model can improve the business efficiency by facilitating the communication between doctor and doctor or doctor and patient before surgery. Also, it can be useful in various aspects such as the simulation of surgery and the review or establishment of the surgical plan.

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Sep 15 / 2023

MEDICAL IP won the ‘Innovation Grand Prize’ at the <KHF Innovation Award>

Aug 31 / 2023

Changing the ‘Future of anatomy’ through MEDICAL IP's AI and digital twin technology

Aug 8 / 2023

MEDICAL IP, Selected as Gartner's Sample Vendor for 6 Consecutive Years


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