Korea Medical Pharmacy 2016.7.29, Imaging bio-marker – Obtain objective information by combining with CT, 3D printer

Imaging bio-marker that combine medical images with bio-marker that indicate changes in the body are literally detecting images and quantifying internal information.  Sang Joon, Park, professor at the Seoul National University Hospital (department of radiology), said, “Although traditional diagnostic methods such as diagnosis, treatment experience, and testing are important, it can lead to a lack of practical information.” it refers necessity of graft onto images bio-marker and radiology.

Expression of state through a formula in a CT image

According to Dr. Park, combination of bio-marker and CT have already been used in the US for four or five years ago. Magnifying the CT image, it is made up of numbers, but it has the disadvantage that it can be difficult to gauge the numerical value and understand the lesion according to the conventional method of judging based on the experience of the medical staff in diagnosis, treatment and testing. However, by using the imaging bio-marker, the lesions in the CT image can be encoded as numerical values, so that it is possible to know precisely how many stages are coming in, whether it is malignant or benign, and the pattern through the various formulas.  “In fact, when we applied imaging bio-marker to lung cancer polulation in CT at Seoul National University Hospital, we were able to interpret the lesions objectively on CT images than before.” Dr. Park said.


Combine with 3D Printing.

Dr. Park predicted that it would be a “professional” result if the imaging bio marker applies to 3D printers that are well known to the people  in the limelight. According to Dr. Park, the reason why 3D printer is popular is that it can implement quickly and easily the complex human structures. Dr. Park said that it is natural to see better results when the results are based on quantified and expertise-based data. Also he said, “As a result of the recent research conducted at Seoul National University Hospital, the correlation between the bio-marker taken by the CT and numerical value obtained through the 3D ultrasound is very good,” he said. “Of course, each patient has different features, so numerical quantification techniques should be designed in depth later,” he said.


“The development of science is the development of medicine, can not be stagnant”

Meanwhile, Dr. Park has mentioned about imaging bio-marker as well as hologram technology used in the popular game “Pokemon Go (GO)”. Dr. Park said, “It is difficult to diagnose diseases without visual images” he said. “Medicine has also developed on the basis of science, and medicine should not be stagnant.” “We are currently working on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). It is meaningful to get convenient and accurate information based on technologies, and to provide better communication not only to doctors (medical staffs) but also to patients and their protectors, “he said.


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