The Chosun Ilbo, Release ‘MEDIP’, medical 3D printing image program,


MEDICALIP Co., Ltd. (, representing Sang Joon, Park) is a company that provides intelligent technology to extract organ based on a variety of medical image and unique professional medical 3D printing processing service.

This company has a unique technology to attenuate the noise that inevitably occur when taking medical images, which boasts a 5-8 times lower error rate than the original image compared to existing algorithms. In addition, our software provides the precise organ segmentation, such as small blood vessels, airways less than diameter, 1mm.

MEDICALIP’s unique technology, ‘one-stop solution system’ is remarkable too. As a feedback system based on the world’s first verification of professional, to target organs and segmenting technology of internal structures, it provides a unique product output using 3D printing technology as one-stop. In particular, the actual medical professional 3D printing systems that can be applied to the medical environment can easily implement the complex representation of the hardest texture, color to represent a conventional printing technology and can check the internal structure of the body organ, through the transparent material method. In addition, it is possible to increase the operation speed faster than 20 times in comparison with the existing at least four times, to ensure the memory efficiency of about 500% when a two-dimensional image reconstructs a three-four-dimensional medical image.

Meanwhile, MEDICALIP is preparing now pioneering the world market through the smooth business promotion with the US, China-related enterprises.

Our company has launched MEDIP, image processing software for the medical 3D printing, developed through validation of the years medical professional in July.

Also after it debuted in the ‘Inside 3D Printing’ exhibition, which held in the same month in Ilsan KINTEX, in Korea and foreign media have acclaimed as innovation. MEDIP consists of UI/UX (User Interface/User experience) friendly and optimized for the medical environment, so users can easily and conveniently divide and analyze the organs through it.



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