The Chosun Ilbo, Developing 3D Human Organ Model… Helps to increase success rate of a surgery,


Park, Sangjoon(CEO)/Photo by MEDICALIP.

It is reported that the one of the biggest cause of death is medical malpractice, misdiagnosis on doctor’s part. Realizing the seriousness years ahead, Dr. Park (the CEO, has successfully developed software that let doctors pinpoint the position of the tumor. Thanks to the newly developed software by Dr. Park, now surgeons can provide a better treatment for patients.“Australian Safety & Efficacy Register of New Interventional Procedures – Surgical (ASERNIP-S)” reports in its research that the rehearsal with the pre-surgical model increases the success rate by 4 times at the view of surgery time.


Thanks to its completely original 3D prints procedure, MEDICALIP can segment, analyze and visualize any organs in human inside body. MEDICALIP can also print the images into 3D modeling to the specific needs and requirements of doctors and they are already being adopted in medical practices in SNUH (Seoul National University Hospital) and a lot of patients are benefiting from the renovation.

MEDICALIP expects to launch its global service this year, saying that all the performance on R&D on Korean market was only a stepping stone for a world market. It is evaluated that the 3D prints hardware and software with original design by MEDICALIP can compete in world market. Now MEDICALIP is seeking to tie business relation with the medical organization in USA and Europe and plans to provide service customized for their specific needs.

Dr. Park says “in medical practice, where accuracy is critically essential, the life-size and life-like model is essential. With one of a kind one-stop 3D print solution, we are planning to expand our business network over organizations, academies, and R&D centers domestically and internationally.” And “we will make effort to be recognized as a market leader by providing global service. If we can successfully make a debut in US Market, We are expecting to earn 200K USD in 3 years after the global launch.”

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