Donga Ilbo, “Developing 3D Human Organ Model, Simulated Surgery can help to increase Success rates”


Park, Sangjoon, CEO, MEDICALIP
People would not dare undergo a dangerous operation in a hospital where its doctor is on the medical dispute for misdiagnosis.

Misdiagnosis (including surgery on wrong body organ), counts for the single biggest reason for death accident in medical field. A few years ago, Australia Med Tech Evaluation Organization reported that the preoperative surgical simulation will increase the chance of successful surgery by 4 and 8 times from the reducing time point of view.

3D Human Organ Model
It is critically essential to be able to “pinpoint” in a life-critical surgery. But up to now, everything including diagnosis, surgery plan, and rehearsal was carried out based on 2D scan image into practitioner’s imagination. It meant nothing could have been cross-checked or shared and the all the responsibilities along with the whole burden were upon operating surgeons.

New technology, 3D printed patient-specific organ model by MEDICALIP, which might resolve unexpected medical dispute arising from misdiagnosis and surgery, is getting wide attention

Dr. Park (CEO of MEDICALIP is leading renovator in 3D printed patient-specific organ model. The 3D printed product, transparent, with color contrasted compounds, visualize such information as the position, size, and type of the tumor. With the model, doctors can make use of the model to set operation plan and undergo surgery rehearsal, so that they do better in the actual operation.

MEDICALIP also provides sophisticated software and hardware, using which allows doctors to make comparison before and after the surgery, better diagnose the disease (or the position of the tumor that were from hard to impossible with conventional 2D scan image. MEDICALIP’s unique software and hardware technology enable its users to almost exactly duplicate organs into 3D modeling.

Dr. Park said, “we will lead renovation in a relatively new field, medical 3D printing industry, using our unique technology.” And “using completely new 3D printing technology, the organ model will eventually become a medium through which Academy, hospitals and medical organization will communicate. Dr. Park enrolled in SNUH (Seoul National University Hospital), after major in IT/ Electrical engineering in various other universities in other countries (Korea, USA, and India) and now he is an associate professor of radiology. He plans to expand the business network on fields of life-critical surgery toward various medical institution, organization, academy and hospitals where high-risk, high-cost surgery happens every day. Also, he plans to distribute the software which will help doctors arrive at a better decision, more accurate diagnosis and surgery success rate.




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