MEDICAL IP, have a meeting with Naver and Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center

Dr. Park (CEO, is joined by MR. KIM (CEO, and MR. HAN (CEO, KW center) in the KW Creative Economy Renovation Center.

KW Creative Economy Renovation Center and NAVER promised to support MEDICALIP in a variety of ways specific to its needs and appropriate to the progress level including funding, patent, legal support, prototype and other programs and NAVER with their infra including Tech support, Marketing, PR systematically.

Kim, Sanghun(CEO, Naver, Seventh from the left), Han, Jongho(Director, Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center, Second from the left), and Park, Sangjoon(CEO, MEDICALIP, Tenth from the left) take a picture after the meeting.

Park, Sangjoon (CEO, MEDICALIP) explains about the products of MEDICALIP to Kim, Sanghun(CEO, Naver).


Park, Sangjoon(CEO, MEDICALIP, Second from the left), Kim, Sanghun(CEO, Naver, Fourth from the left), Han, Jongho(Director, Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center, Seventh from the left), and have a discussion during the meeting.

The head of KW Renovation Center, Mr. Han said “We will co-work with associated institutes to find out new start ups and continue doing the business that help out those start ups.”

Mr. Kim promised that “NAVER will help foster the Start-up environment just as KW and invest its best resource to contribute to finding the regional growth momentum.


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