MEDICAL IP, Free release of X-ray-based COVID-19 quantification platform worldwide

MEDICALIP unveils X-ray-based COVID-19 quantification platform for free worldwide

▶ Numerical information for area and ratio of COVID-19 pneumonia can be calculated on X-ray through ‘TiSepX’

▶ TiSepX is a technology that enables rapid and accurate triage of severe COVID-19 patients.

MEDICALIP has released the AI platform, 'TiSepX', to the world free of charge to quantify COVID-19 pneumonia lesions with X-rays.

In March, MEDICALIP provided free AI software ‘MEDIP COVID19’ that quantifies the rate and weight of COVID-19 pneumonia in CT. This time, MEDICALIP willingly releases X-ray-based new technology 'TiSepX' worldwide for free to continue putting effort into solving the pandemic.

A company official explained, "TiSepX is a technology that utilizes X-rays that are taken universally. It is a solution that can be used in any medical field in the world, including advanced countries and low-middle-income countries, by providing it in the form of a cloud rather than a software download method."

If you access the TiSepX website and upload an X-ray image, the area and ratio of COVID-19 pneumonia lesions are quantitatively analyzed. Medical staff can use these results to quickly and accurately triage seriously ill patients.

The company explained that TiSepX, which provides numerical information on pneumonia lesions, can quickly respond to prevent death of patients.


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