MEDICAL IP, ‘2015 Creative Innovation Award’ Win a Gold Prize in Service Innovation,


Dr. Park (CEO, is receiving the Grand-prize for Service innovation

Dr. park was awarded the Grand prize for “2015 Creative Innovation award” (by Minister of Ministry of National Central Science) for its contribution to the betterment of the quality of life, medical service and contribution to the national competency in the medical division over other countries.

MEDICALIP (stationed in KW creation & renovation Center) specializes in printing 3D pre-surgical organs.

MEDICALIP made to the final in “2015 Creative Economy Grand Prize: idea, start-up event” as one of 58 teams.

The main business model includes comparing before/after the surgery with the pre-surgical 3D print model, enhanced analysis by 3D visualization software which were impossible in the conventional 2D scan.

Dr. Park (SNUH associate professor) said: “We made an organ model accurately and sensitively to plan the surgery process.” And “We are the first in the world to make a process for the transparent pre-surgical 3D model with various compounds for color distinction.

MEDICALIP, with its 3D printing pre-surgical solution, plans to set business relations with various general hospitals big and small/ in and out of South Korea and other medical research center where life-saving is the biggest concern, to help surgeons to benefit from accurate analysis, better diagnosis, and better success rate using the MEDICALIP software.

Above all, Medicalip will provide 3D pre-surgical model service that will help doctors to educate patients about their symptoms, medical procedure and also will help patients to trust the doctor in return.

Dr. Park said, “Our technology will definitely realize “newly creative economy” by increasing the success rate of surgery, decrease the possible re-surgery and other economic losses.”

MEDICALIP, after setting up protocol and business model, will launch its service in the USA, China, and Europe.


Dr. Park on the first from the right.



MEDICALIP prides on its 4 main original technologies: software, instant on-field professionals feedbacks, and verifications, distinguished 3D print.

MEDICALIP has a high-performing imaging processing software technology verified by on-field medical doctors, has a team of radiologists to plan and design the service, giving the service unrivaled competencies.

Based on this, MEDICALIP successfully made possible the original 3D printing technology which was impossible previously, securing technical foundation from which it can integrate cross-study business model.

Medicalip plans to co-work with professionals in a variety of fields, making sure optimal uses of shared knowledge, with its aim to make integrating business model verified by both academics and businesses.

Dr. Park said “we try to become the market leader in medical Imaging and printing industry, the blue ocean, with high-end S/W, H/W combined together via the original technology of our own.



MEDICALIP GRAND-prize Winner for Service innovation in 2015 Creative Innovation award 23.09.2015



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