Aju Business Daily, “MEDICALIP decrease medical malpractice by 3D Printing Technology”

[▲Kim, Sanghun(CEO, Naver, First from the left) has heard a description of the prototype from Park, Sangjoon(CEO,  MEDICALIP).]
Medical disputes arise in all fields of medicine ranging from beauty to life-critical surgery.

10 out of 6, it is judged that it’s a malpractice on surgeon’s part (Korean Consumer Report 2014). High-end hospital counts for 1/3 of all malpractices on surgeon’s part. Above all, side effects, deterioration after the surgery take up the half and recovery failures as much.

However, because imaging diagnosis, for the time being, is confined to observation into 2d scanned image, everything depends on how proficient and experienced the surgeons are.

To resolve this matter, KW creative Renovation center selected MEDICALIP, specializing in making pre-surgical model based 3d printing technology, as one of its members to help foster into a medical leading renovator in the field.
MEDICALIP made to the final 58 among nationwide 3103 teams competing for “Service innovation in 2015 Creative Innovation award”

MEDICALIP, using its high-end S/W, make possible comparison before/after the surgery based on patient specific 3D model, better observation in 3D to analyze, diagnose and treatment for those symptoms which were almost impossible with conventional 2D scan (MRI, CT, X-ray, etc)

Dr. Park (Associate Professor at SNUH) said: “We made an organ model accurately and sensitively for planning the surgery process in more detail.” And “We are the first in the world to make a process for the transparent pre-surgical 3D model with various compounds for color distinction.

[▲Customized Human Organ 3D Printing]
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Sep 15 / 2023

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Aug 31 / 2023

Changing the ‘Future of anatomy’ through MEDICAL IP's AI and digital twin technology

Aug 8 / 2023

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