Contact-free Communication platform
for better medical practice between doctors and patients

MEDICLIP is a communication platform where virtual patient consultation can take place. By adding scenarios to visual printing results, medical conversations can take place more effectively between healthcare professionals and patients. Patients can expect intuitive explanation to surgical methods being suggested as well as their prognosis.

Step Automation


Reactive editing

Our responsive design allows
flexible viewing and editing

on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile

Improved patient understanding

Medical professionals can deliver 3D imaging data and scenarios to their patients conveniently. Body structures can be visually adjusted, for rotating or changing transparency, and comments can be written on each page3.

Production of various scenarios

Medical plans with detailed explanations can be attached to patients’ 3D medical images implemented by ‘Visual Printing’. Anatomical structures including suspected tumors projected on screen can be rotated, zoomed in/out, and have adjusted opacity for better visualization. Each page has a section where you can attach comments.


November 25 / 2022

Low skull bone density is associated with poor motor prognosis in women with Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's DiseasePMID: 36457758Seong Ho al
September 2 / 2022

Remotely shared CT-derived presurgical understanding of lung cancer: A randomized trial

Lung CancerPMID: 36052975Soon Ho al

MEDICLIP is a solution powered by MEDICAL IP that lets you sharemedical images of patientsimplemented as digital twin on various platforms such as web and mobile.
Patients’ medical images shared on MEDICLIP
makeunderstanding and communication of
medicaldata easier and more convenient.

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