Release Note
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This page contains official release information and change details for MDBOX. If you have any suggestions for improvement or change, please report it through CONTACT US.
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    UI improved

    - Added a button to home

    Added ability to multi touch

    Deleted search function in system anatomy

    Bug fixes and system stabilization.

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    Added Micro anatomy cases: eye, skeletal muscle

    Added search function in system anatomy

    Bug fixes and system stabilization.

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    Added CHD Cases

    Criss-Cross Heart

    Double Outlet Right Ventricle with remote VSD

    Bug fixes and system stabilization.

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    UI improved

    - Added a button to hide/show all UI

    - Added a button to hide/show description

    - Added ability to show/select upper structures

    - Added ability to adjust time of the animation

    - Added a panel for animation name and description

    - Added a button to assemble structures of a system

    - Added a panel to select the contents

    System anatomy

    - Modeling improvement

    - Improved visibility of anatomical landmarkers

    - Improved anatomical morphology

    - Added Lymphoid system

    - Improved the details of the nervous system

    - Improved the details of the cardio-artery and venous system

    Regional anatomy

    - Heart: Included an animation of cardiac cycle

    - Eye: Shows bones, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and nerves around the eye

    - Uterus: Shows ligaments, blood vessels and nerves around the uterus

    - Kidney: Shows bones, ligaments, and blood vessels around the kidney

    - Liver: Shows ligaments, blood vessels and nerves around the liver


    - Teeth: Shows internal microstructures around a teeth

    - Alveolar: Shows microstructures around a alveolar

    - Blood vessel: Shows microstructures of artery wall and vein wall

    Congenital Heart Disease: Shows the structure of a deformed heart and CT planes

    - Tetralogy Of Fallot

    - Atrial Septal Defect

    Cross section: Shows cross-section view and bones of a human body


    - Muscle actions of lower limb: Show an action of thigh, leg and foot

    - Muscle actions of pelvis: Show an action of pelvic girdle

    - Muscle actions of back: Show an action of back and vertebral column

    ChatGPT: Voice recognition and ChatGPT function

    Bug fixes and system stabilization

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    Added UI for the status of the action

    Added UI for show/hide all components

    - except skin components

    Improved touch input response

    - Improved touch input stability

    - Doubled the sensitivity of touch drag length

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    Added reproductive organs

    - Male reproductive organs

    - Female reproductive organs

    Changed skin modelings

    - Made gender characteristics clearer

    Modified heart modelings

    - Fixed heart preset animations

    - Updated heart appearance

    Changed UI Location in VR

    - added acreen widget for spectator

    - screen widget reflects VR widget state

    Added UI for gender select

    Added Component Functions

    - Explode: Automatically separates the sub-elements of the selected element from the center outward

    - Comp.Reset: Returns the selected element to its original position

    - Snap-in: Returns the selected element to its original position when it is near its original position

    Added VR mode button

    - Activated only when the HMD is connected

    - Can off and on VR mode

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    Applied UI sound control

    - added UI sound to the buttons missing sound

    Modified Zoom action when some components are selected

    - The zoom action applies to the whole body only

    Fixed wrong name of the components

    - Humerus_Left(Korean)

    Modified the description of the component

    - Intervertebral_disc(Korean)

    Fixed issue in reset action

    - hidden components show up after reset now

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    Articular models update

    - Vertebral_joints

    - Thoracic_joints

    - Joints_of_skull

    Fixed UI actions with touch

    - modified Settings with button

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    Fixed BGM check in Option widget

    Improoved touch input stability

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    Articular models update

    - upper limb, lower limb

    Settings addition in contents

    - language can be changed after start

    Left hand controller addition in VR mode

    - left thumbstick click make group UI show/hide

    - right thumbstick click make manipulation UI and action UI show/hide

    UI appearance Improvement

    - added Multiplay setting

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    Added descriptions to the models

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    initial release